Used Fraser D50 Dump Trailer

Fraser D50 Dump Trailer

£1,250 + VAT

Fraser D50 5 ton dump trailer c/w 10/75-15.3 wheels and tyres.

Used Gilibert 8 Ton Trailer

Gilibert 8 Ton Trailer

£2,000 + VAT

Gilibert single axle trailer c/w automatic tailgate (can also be opened manually as barn doors for easy unloading), hydraulic brakes and 14.00-20 wheels and tyres. Heavy duty trailer but body rusty.

Used Ifor Williams Livestock Trailer

Ifor Williams DP120S-14 Livestock Trailer

£4,500 + VAT

Ifor Williams DP120S-14 tri-axle livestock trailer c/w demountable body.

Used Overlander Trailers DBT1C Trailer

Overlander Trailers DBT1C Trailer

£3,500 + VAT

Overlander Trailers DBT 1C 16 ton 4 wheel turntable trailer c/w air and hydraulic brakes, alloy body and rear grain chute. New mud guards to be fitted before sale.

Used GT Bunning Trailer

GT Bunning Trailer

£3,950 + VAT

GT Bunning & Sons 65D 6.5 ton dump trailer c/w grain extensions, rear grain door and chute, hydraulic brakes and twin tipping rams.

Used Massey Ferguson Trailer

Massey Ferguson Trailer

£3,500 + VAT

Massey Ferguson hydraulic tipping trailer c/w double drop sides, hydraulic brakes, steel floor and new 12.5/80-18 wheels and tyres. Approx. 6 ton capacity.

Used Tipping Trailer

Tipping Trailer

£1,250 + VAT

Tipping trailer to suit compact tractor c/w extension sides.

Used Rolland Turboclassic 20-30 Grain Trailer

Rolland Turboclassic 20-30 Grain Trailer

£18,250 + VAT

Rolland Turboclassic 20-30 20 cubic metre/15.5 ton capacity grain trailer c/w sprung drawbar, commercial axles, 560/60 R22.5 Michelin Cargo X tyres, single tipping ram, air and hydraulic brakes wit...

Used Pettit Tipping Trailer

Pettit Tipping Trailer

£1,750 + VAT

Pettit tipping trailer c/w drop sides. Approx. 6 ton capacity.

Used Wheatley Trailer

Wheatley Trailer

£1,650 + VAT

Wheatley 5 ton hydraulic tipping trailer c/w drop sides and 13.0/75-16 wheels and tyres.