Used Lely Terra Power Harrow

Lely Terra Power Harrow

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Lely Terra power harrow.

Used Lemken 450L Cultivator

Lemken Korund 450L Seed Bed Cultivator

£3,250 + VAT

Lemken Korund 450L hydraulic folding seed bed combination cultivator c/w front levelling boards, 4 rows of straight spring tines, double rear crumbler rollers and single wheel track eradicator tine...

Used Kilworth Power Harrow

Kilworth Power Harrow

£2,250 + VAT

Kilworth/R2 MTZ150 power harrow c/w crumbler roller. To suit compact tractor. 1.5 metres working width.

Used Tulip Power Harrow

Tulip Power Harrow

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Tulip Roterra 400-35 power harrow.

Used Amazone Cenius 3001 Cultivator

Amazone Cenius 3001 Cultivator

£5,750 + VAT

Amazone Cenius 3001 3 metre tine and disc stubble cultivator c/w rear crumbler bar.

Used Blench Subsoiler

Blench Subsoiler

£2,750 + VAT

Blench subsoiler fitted with Simba ST legs with low disturbance points and rear spiral crumbler. Approx 3.5 metres working width.

Used Twose F6040H Grass Harrow

Twose F6040H Grass Harrow

£3,950 + VAT

Twose F6040H 6 metre hydraulic fold grass harrow/weeder. Lightly used and little wear on tines.

Used Gregoire Besson XRL Cultivator

Gregoire Besson XRL Cultivator

£3,500 + VAT

Gregoire Besson XRL 666/32 cultivator c/w manual swing out to work position. Approx. 3.8 metres working width.

Used McConnel Discaerator Subsoiler

McConnel Discaerator Subsoiler

£8,500 + VAT

McConnel 3 metre Discaerator c/w 7 subsoiler legs, 2 gangs of discs and rear spiral crumbler.

Used Kongskilde Triplex Cultivator

Kongskilde Triplex Cultivator

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Kongskilde Triplex cultivator.