Used 4-in-1 Bucket

Albutt 4-in-1 Bucket

£1,100 + VAT

Albutt 4-in-1 1.5 metre bucket c/w Euro 8 brackets.

Used Manitou Pallet Forks

Manitou Pallet Forks

£650 + VAT

Manitou pallet forks.

Used Suton 3 Ton Grain Bucket

Suton 3 Ton Grain Bucket

£1,500 + VAT

Suton HDEB120 3 ton grain bucket c/w CAT telehandler brackets.

Used Strickland Bucket

Strickland Dirt Bucket

£750 + VAT

Strickland dirt bucket c/w Manitou brackets. 1 cubic metre capacity.

Used Dromone Pallet Tines

Dromone Pallet Tines

£650 + VAT

Dromone pallet tines. Suitable for 10-24 ton 360 diggers.

Strimech Bucket

Strimech Bucket

£1,250 + VAT

Strimech bucket c/w JCB Q fit brackets. Year 2021.

Used Digger Bucket to fit Case 580

Digger Bucket to fit Case 580

£200 + VAT

600mm (24") digger bucket to fit Case 580 digger. 42mm top pin holes and 37mm bottom pin holes, 360mm pin centre to pin centre, 255mm top gap and 130mm bottom gap. Little used.

Used Digger Bucket 600mm

Digger Bucket 600mm

£350 + VAT

600mm (24") digger bucket. 65mm pin holes, 405mm pin centre to pin centre and 225mm gap.

Used Digger Bucket 1000mm

Digger Bucket 1000mm

£120 + VAT

1000mm (39") digger bucket. 30mm pin holes, 90mm pin centre to pin centre and 95mm gap. To fit Kubota U15 and others.

Used Digger Bucket 750mm

Digger Bucket 750mm

£200 + VAT

750mm (29.5") digger bucket. 40mm pin holes, 195mm pin centre to pin centre and 130mm gap. To suit Kubota U35 and others.

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