Transport and Export


LBG Machinery will work with you to safely and promptly deliver your machines in the most economical way.

You are welcome to arrange the collection of your items directly from our yard. We can load between 8:30am and 4:30pm. We have the ability to load all types of suitable transport vehicle.

Alternatively, we can transport your machine directly to your premises, or in the case of deliveries outside Europe, to the nearest sea port.

We can recommend the correct vehicle to move your machines in the most efficient and cost effective manner. When required, we will semi dismantle machines to ensure they fit in standard trucks to avoid the costs incurred with oversize lorries.

We are also able to clean machines to inspection standard as some of the countries we export to will not accept machines without a Certificate of Cleanliness, showing the machine is clean and disinfected.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries about export, loading and delivery. You will find our contact details on our contact us page.

We have a few requirements for machinery going to EU Countries:

The machines will not be allowed to leave the yard without the customer providing us with a copy of their CMR. Once the machine arrives in your country we also need a copy of your stamped, signed CMR emailed to us. This is to prove the machine has got to its intended destination. You will be provided with a proforma invoice until we have received back all relevant paperwork.

Export Essentials – You can be zero VAT rated if you meet the following criteria:

  • Orders must be sent by email so that we have proof of your inquiries and orders.
  • You must have a valid VAT number. All VAT numbers will be checked using the VIES website.
  • A CMR must be provided at collection from our yard. We must then have a copy of this same CMR back with the GOODS RECEIVED BOX STAMPED, SIGNED AND DATED once you have the machine back in your country.
  • We must have your valid business name and address. We must also have a valid email address and any other relevant contact details.
  • Only when we have received a copy of your signed and stamped CMR will we be able to provide you with a full invoice.
  • These documents must be received within one month of the original collection date.

Machinery going to outside the EU:

  • If we arrange the shipping or deliver direct to port of departure, there will be nothing further to pay.
  • If you arrange the shipping we will need a deposit equivalent to the Vat or a standard shipping note if we deliver direct to the UK port of dispatch.
  • Once the machine has been shipped we will need an original copy of the bill of laden.